Velvet Skin Inc. was founded by Joey D'Rozario in 2018. Joey is a beauty & sustainability writer and self-confessed skintellect. The aim of Velvet Skin Inc. is to fill a gap in the market for oil-based skincare which is available to all as opposed to the profusion of luxury skincare products which already dominates the beauty industry. By starting Velvet Skin Inc. I wanted to create luxurious beauty products that are accessible for everyone, everywhere - no matter your age, gender, skin type or budget. Here at Velvet Skin Inc. we believe in the power of oils. Every product we offer is oil-based!

We only use ingredients derived from plants, flowers, nuts and fruits that will naturally benefit your skin- that's why we pride ourselves on being 100% botanical.

We believe in total transparency when it comes to beauty. Everyone deserves to know exactly what is in their beauty products. Therefore, we aim to do this without the complexities of added ingredients: we simply use 8 key ingredients or fewer inside every product to assure you that minimalism is the key to your skin's happiness.